The Last Day of Winter


Parte 1: The Last Day of Winter 
Autor: Miguel Pérez de Castro
Theme: Fantasy novel
Format: 145 x 215 mm
Binding: rustic with flaps
Páginas: 330
Peso: 437 gr.
English language
First edition in Spanish: May 2017
Depósito legal in Spanish: M-15854-2017
First edition in English: October 2020

«The Last Day of Winter» is the debut feature by the young man from Madrid, Miguel Pérez de Castro, who thus inaugurates a saga that has nothing to envy the Game of Thrones series. The mystery is present in a plot where friendship and love play a fundamental role and neither the good guys are so good nor the bad guys so bad, so it is difficult to discern what moves the characters’ performance.


 The Last Day of Winter

A young man from Madrid presents us with a magical world with the desire to conquer the islands of time.

I’ll be back!

I still remember their voices, their faces, the sounds of their laughter. I can still smell the fragrance of the fields and the woods; still see the sparkle in their eyes reflected in the firelight. Their conversations, their sighs, their laments are still ingrained in my mind. And in my heart, the feats of the great heroes of past times are still engraved in words of fire.

For, although they may be just legendary characters to you—men and women from long ago—for me they were and always will be my companions, my friends.

That’s why I’ve called you, so that you may now be the witness of my past, of my pain, of war, and of death. But also of the love, the passion, and the sacrifice that we all made before two suns shone in our sky.

Miryam Ponte entrevista al autor en Radio Off The Record

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